Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Papa & Kory Spend A Day Together...

AH! What a sweet memory that my dad made with Kory!

A few weeks back, Tinker AFB had their air show! My dad was so thoughtful to take Kory for the day to see one of his favorite modes of transportaion...air planes! He had a blast and continues to talk about all the "big jets", "tunder birdies", and "papa's air show".

Growing up as the daughter of an Air Force pilot, we spent experienced many great memories at Air Shows throughout the world and this great country. Now, that Daren and I are going through a painful divorce, I am so thankful that my daddy has taken time out of his busy schedule to do those special "guy things" with Kory.

My heart still breaks deeply that the kids have to endure the shuffle back and forth between my home and life at Daren's mom's house. It really started to show the effects on the kids in the past 3 weeks and reality tore my heart. I do my best to remain strong and never speak ill of the situation to the kids...but when they cry and ask "where daddy is?" it's so hard to not let my own tears spill from my eyes. This seems so unfair to them. All I know to do is pray that God will comfort their hearts and give me the right words to speak to help their tender hearts and minds understand that both their mommy and daddy love them. AS a mommy, it kills me to watch my little ones hurt and lack understanding. How do you explain to three little children what is going on in a way that they can understand?

They come back home to Mommy on Saturday and I can not wait to have their voices and laughter fill this quiet house up again. My life is not meant to be lived without them here...Their lives aren't meant to be filled with this drama and I just wish I could wave some sort of magic wand and take away all the uncertainty and fear that they are feeling!

Here are a "few" pictures of Kory and the day he spent with Papa enjoying all the air planes. Thank you dad for sharing this memory with Kory! I love you so much and apprciate what you do so that Kory can have the presence of you in his life!!

A HUGE day....made for one tired, precious, sweet little boy...memories that will last a life time...thank you Dad!! I love you!!

In His Grip~