Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Wish Fulfilled.....

There were mixed emotions at our home last night. We found the family of the puppy the kids rescued!!!

As I was talking on the phone to the mom, she shared with me that the only thing her little daughter wanted for Christmas was to find her puppy and have her back home!!! What joy filled my heart as I knew how excited she would be to have her puppy back in the comfort of her little bed as she drifted off to sleep!!!

When they arrived at the front door, the mom and the daughter's faces were filled with smiles!! The little girl, dressed her her footed pj's and fluffy blond hair, could hardly wait to get the leash back on her little dog!! She put the leash on her puppy and ran to their kids followed her out the door, not understanding what was going on. Where was this precious little dog, that they had quickly fallen in love with, going?  The mom handed me a card and off they went.

As I shut the door, I realized this was an opportunity to share with the kids how they helped a little girls Christmas wish come true.

They miss the puppy and have asked hundreds of times today where she is. I have to admit, I miss her too. I even think our golden retriever, Espn, misses his little play mate. But, our hearts are happy knowing that she is where she belongs....with a family that loves her!!!

Lord, thank You for Your hand in this situation. For allowing us to care for this puppy while looking for her family. For the laughter, smiles, and giggles that filled our kids hearts and faces while she was here and for the smiles, joy, and giggles that are surely filling that precious little girls face today. I know to some, it may seem like a silly prayer, but we know Your presence in everything and we thank You for leading us to her family! Thank You for allowing us to be able to fulfill a Christmas wish of such a precious little girl....may she grow up knowing You are with her in all things.

In His Grip~

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost But Found.....

Oh what a sweet sweet puppy my kids found over the weekend!!! She is a miniature pinscher!! She isn't a stray by any means of the word. She had a collar on but no tags to identify who her owners are. So, lovingly, we took her into our home with the hopes and prayers that we will find her family and return her to their embrace.

Last night as we were getting the kids ready for bed, the puppy ran down the hall and jumped into Ashley's bed and under the covers she went. Ashley was beside herself with joy at her new "bunk mate". I stood outside their bedroom door and joy rushed over my heart as I heard the twins in there laughing and giggling at the new roommate that had settled in for the night.

My heart was heavy though. I know she is a pet that is loved by someone and she is being greatly missed right now. We have made trips around our neighborhood, and surrounding neighborhoods, in an attempt to find her family....nothing has turned up yet. The kids and I went to PetSmart and PetCo this morning and posted signs and get her some puppy food and a few small toys to keep her company.

It might seem silly to those of you who don't have a pet, but the kids prayed this morning at breakfast that we would find her mommy and daddy. They are truly concerned that she is missing her family. I prayed that whoever has lost her will have a peace in their heart that she is being well taken care of and loved on and that we are searching for her family. I remember as a young child, we lost our cat. My brother and I were DEVASTATED throughout the night. Luckily, she came momma found her that next morning. She had taken shelter out in the wood pile!! We were so excited that she returned home!!! And my hopes for the day is that we can give her family that same joy of finding their little family member.

Here are a few pictures of her first day with us....I'm not a small dog person....but she is a SWEETHEART!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Thought Unable To Shake....

"If everything was easy and obvious....we wouldn't need FAITH in our lives"

Have you ever read something that seems to be stuck in your brain? Well, this past week, I read the above quote from an amazing book inspired by a very young person. How simple he said it....and how completely he believed it and lived it.

I think we sometimes expect life to be easy. I know I have. But if life was always easy, would our faith continue to grow into a more deep, dependent, intimate relationship with God? Would we need Him in all things like He so desires us to?

I wish I would have read this book a few years would have changed my persepective in regards to what we have been through in our family. It might not have taken the pain away, but I think it would have helped all of us feel like our pain was not in vain...that in the midst of trials and tragedy, God is ever so lovingly with us. That within each of us is truly a warrior possessing a strength that only comes through abiding in Him and that it is in being a warrior we can help others who find themselves in battles.

But then on the other hand, I realize that it was God's perfect timing that I did read this book...for it explained a great deal of what we went through and why. Have all the questions been answered? No! Not hardly....but I see through the questions that the peace in not knowing can only truly come from having FAITH that God is truly in control and our trust in Him during the upheavals of life is the anchor that will keep our feet on solid ground when all else is sinking sand....

I hope that in the difficult times and times full of question that will certainly present themselves in the future, I will find my FAITH present and unshakable and that I will trust, more than question, the author of my life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hidden In My Heart

To Purchase This  Amazing CD ~ Click On The Title Of This Post & You Will Be Directedto This Website
 Most of you know my love and passion for music....not just any music, but songs that change your heart. This CD is by far one of the most eloquent and peaceful compositions of Scripture expressed through music that I've ever heard. I find my heart grows still, and I feel life return to a place of peaceful existence. Especially during this time of year. The business of holiday preparation and memories of the years past can take one to a place of hectic existence.... This CD brings it all back into perspective.

Perfect gift for a baby shower that will stay with the child for years to come. Wonderful idea for parents that find themselves on that ever so unwanted journey of days and weeks in the NICU with a premature or ill child. Excellent stocking stuffer for a person of any age that longs for peace. I truly truly love this CD and can't wait to purchase my own.

Be blessed in all that you do and be a blessing to those in need.

In His Amazing Grip ~