Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Wish Fulfilled.....

There were mixed emotions at our home last night. We found the family of the puppy the kids rescued!!!

As I was talking on the phone to the mom, she shared with me that the only thing her little daughter wanted for Christmas was to find her puppy and have her back home!!! What joy filled my heart as I knew how excited she would be to have her puppy back in the comfort of her little bed as she drifted off to sleep!!!

When they arrived at the front door, the mom and the daughter's faces were filled with smiles!! The little girl, dressed her her footed pj's and fluffy blond hair, could hardly wait to get the leash back on her little dog!! She put the leash on her puppy and ran to their kids followed her out the door, not understanding what was going on. Where was this precious little dog, that they had quickly fallen in love with, going?  The mom handed me a card and off they went.

As I shut the door, I realized this was an opportunity to share with the kids how they helped a little girls Christmas wish come true.

They miss the puppy and have asked hundreds of times today where she is. I have to admit, I miss her too. I even think our golden retriever, Espn, misses his little play mate. But, our hearts are happy knowing that she is where she belongs....with a family that loves her!!!

Lord, thank You for Your hand in this situation. For allowing us to care for this puppy while looking for her family. For the laughter, smiles, and giggles that filled our kids hearts and faces while she was here and for the smiles, joy, and giggles that are surely filling that precious little girls face today. I know to some, it may seem like a silly prayer, but we know Your presence in everything and we thank You for leading us to her family! Thank You for allowing us to be able to fulfill a Christmas wish of such a precious little girl....may she grow up knowing You are with her in all things.

In His Grip~

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A multi-dimensional life said...

What a sweet story! I'm so happy for the pupppy, the family and for all of you! God did have his hand on you all. What a great Christmas memory you will carry with you!