Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost But Found.....

Oh what a sweet sweet puppy my kids found over the weekend!!! She is a miniature pinscher!! She isn't a stray by any means of the word. She had a collar on but no tags to identify who her owners are. So, lovingly, we took her into our home with the hopes and prayers that we will find her family and return her to their embrace.

Last night as we were getting the kids ready for bed, the puppy ran down the hall and jumped into Ashley's bed and under the covers she went. Ashley was beside herself with joy at her new "bunk mate". I stood outside their bedroom door and joy rushed over my heart as I heard the twins in there laughing and giggling at the new roommate that had settled in for the night.

My heart was heavy though. I know she is a pet that is loved by someone and she is being greatly missed right now. We have made trips around our neighborhood, and surrounding neighborhoods, in an attempt to find her family....nothing has turned up yet. The kids and I went to PetSmart and PetCo this morning and posted signs and get her some puppy food and a few small toys to keep her company.

It might seem silly to those of you who don't have a pet, but the kids prayed this morning at breakfast that we would find her mommy and daddy. They are truly concerned that she is missing her family. I prayed that whoever has lost her will have a peace in their heart that she is being well taken care of and loved on and that we are searching for her family. I remember as a young child, we lost our cat. My brother and I were DEVASTATED throughout the night. Luckily, she came momma found her that next morning. She had taken shelter out in the wood pile!! We were so excited that she returned home!!! And my hopes for the day is that we can give her family that same joy of finding their little family member.

Here are a few pictures of her first day with us....I'm not a small dog person....but she is a SWEETHEART!!!!

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