Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Thought Unable To Shake....

"If everything was easy and obvious....we wouldn't need FAITH in our lives"

Have you ever read something that seems to be stuck in your brain? Well, this past week, I read the above quote from an amazing book inspired by a very young person. How simple he said it....and how completely he believed it and lived it.

I think we sometimes expect life to be easy. I know I have. But if life was always easy, would our faith continue to grow into a more deep, dependent, intimate relationship with God? Would we need Him in all things like He so desires us to?

I wish I would have read this book a few years ago....it would have changed my persepective in regards to what we have been through in our family. It might not have taken the pain away, but I think it would have helped all of us feel like our pain was not in vain...that in the midst of trials and tragedy, God is ever so lovingly with us. That within each of us is truly a warrior possessing a strength that only comes through abiding in Him and that it is in being a warrior we can help others who find themselves in battles.

But then on the other hand, I realize that it was God's perfect timing that I did read this book...for it explained a great deal of what we went through and why. Have all the questions been answered? No! Not hardly....but I see through the questions that the peace in not knowing can only truly come from having FAITH that God is truly in control and our trust in Him during the upheavals of life is the anchor that will keep our feet on solid ground when all else is sinking sand....

I hope that in the difficult times and times full of question that will certainly present themselves in the future, I will find my FAITH present and unshakable and that I will trust, more than question, the author of my life.


A multi-dimensional life said...

What a great post. I'm so glad I found you. Your words are so truthful...we really do want it all to be easy! I have one of those books stuck in my brain also...and my heart. I am reading the sacred romance, and before that "waking the dead"...next will be desire (all by John Eldredge)...his words express what I feel but can't articulate...and how I long for that deep, rich life which only He can satisfy!
Thanks for beautiful words!
I hope your Christmas will be filled with the joy of the spirit!

Loved By His Grace said...

Lorraine!! Thank you so much for your kind words and sweet thoughts! Writing is my passion... I love to share what God is doing in my heart, my life, and for our family!!! I was truly touched that you shared what has a hold of your heart and for your passion for God!!! I'm so blessed to have met you and I too am thrilled that you stumbled upon my blog. Our life is real and exciting...and my prayer has always been since starting it, that God would use His work in our lives to touch, motivate, encourage, and display His grace, mercy, and love that is waiting for each and every person to embrace!! Please keep in touch!!! Again, I am honored that you left such kind words! Have a blessed, Spirit filled, wonderful Christmas!!!
Your Friend,
In His Grip!